Hi there. I'm Amanda.

I write a different kind of horror. 

I don't just read  between the lines. I live in that liminal space. I explore what the world is when no one's looking. I am at home in the unshaped madness of the subconscious. I inhale chaos and exhale... well...it's still chaos, but it's arranged in neat little lines. 

Won't you join me?


Who I am

We are all many people, I think.

I am a life-long speculative fiction addict with a particular passion for literary works that dare greatly. My own writing has been colored by myriad forces: complex trauma, compounded grief, world travel, library work, love, fear, poetry, addiction. In a word-life. And I'm not out of the woods yet. And neither are you. Not as long as you're alive.

You are alive, aren't you?

Good. Because it's time to go.

Are you ready to embark on this journey with me?

A word about the road ahead:

There is humor in darkness and evil in innocent laughter. There is damnation in holy places and cowardice among warriors, and a profound danger in following protocol.  

I intend to find and expose these inconsistencies, and by joining me, you're agreeing to see. The demons are already here, and the angels too for that matter. Sometimes the demons help and the angels hurt and, well, I think it all balances out in the end.​

Cosmic forces have nothing on the terrors we devise for ourselves though. But there's goodness too, light so pure it burns. 

You might want to pack some shades. 

You're only human, after all.



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