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A poem for your Tuesday

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

This one goes out to all the people out there who suffer from anxiety like I do. Our minds are not equipped to live in the world we've created, but we do the best we can. I see you.

The Thirst for Timelessness

Anxiety comes at night

When the day has tossed and turned itself to sleep

The moon shifts uneasily - a pupilless eye flooded with borrowed light

We are both satellites trapped in the orbit of time

I am in motion, though I long to be still

I submit to the ants, feel them crawl in my veins

Time dilates and shrinks in sync

With their tireless march

When it speeds up fast enough, I can drink it down straight

Like water from a well

I see parts of myself I was sure were long dead

See into the void and what lies beyond

And it was filled once with water

But every ounce of fluid has gone

To quench my existential thirst for stillness

And I think that if there was any pool

Still glistening from that cosmic hole

I’d see my own reflection

The void just casts me back at myself

Some days I am the Caller

Other times the echo

But every day I’m longing for time to slow

Knowing that I’ll only be still

When it entombs me

In that place where past, present, and future coalesce

Into singularity

I am the Sisyphus of the modern age

I begin by pushing a boulder up a hill

And by the end I am





Longing for the illusion

Of timelessness

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