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Cat-ching Up

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

It’s been a bit of a hiatus, but hey, it’s also been an insane 7 months. I lost a couple of relationships, looked homelessness in the eye, and somehow not only managed to land on my feet, but acquired a couple of cats in the process. They are called Artemis and Apollo, if you’re curious.

Artie loves to hunt, much like

her namesake.

Apollo is full of drama and mischief and often sings me the angst-ridden song of his


This past June brought some much-needed silver linings . I attended my first StokerCon. accepted a position with Crystal Lake Publishing and was given a column over at Space and Time that I have chosen to call Liminal Waystation.

Here’s how I described it to a friend recently:

I envision the Liminal Waystation column as a place where readers can rest in the transitional and

transformational in-between space that is the speculative. There is lived experience, and there are the things we imagine, and there is a place where we sit with the words and thoughts and potential and become. This will be a place to reflect on profound connections, beautiful writing, and works of horror that help us transcend the pain of the everyday to embrace our potential as readers, creatives, and humans. 

I hope you’ll check it out, and I hope you’ll forgive me my time away. Journeys are never linear and often difficult, but I’m glad we’re on this one together.

My current works in progress are mostly short tales, although there’s also a new volume of poetry coming. It will be more lyrical than anything I’ve done before, I think, and it’s motivated by my love of the way the word buzz sounds. It is onomatopoeic perfection.

Also look for my first-ever-edited anthology in the next year.

Details soon!

Stay tuned, Friends, and as always, let me know if there’s something I’m not blogging about that you wish I was!


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