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Life has a way of throwing us curveballs sometimes.

Since I last wrote I've been broken up with, faced the possibility of homelessness, and slowly reestablished myself. It has been a painstaking, scary process. My horror community has also had my back every step of the way. If I harbored any doubts about this being where I belonged, those doubts have been laid to rest.

Since I last wrote, I've also had 3 acceptances. I've also only submitted a handful of things, so this feels promising. While those works can be found elsewhere on the website, I also want to highlight them here:

The Scales appears in Horrorscope Vol 2, which is edited by H. Everend.

As the title implies, it is centered around the sign of Libra and is a weird blend of Egyptian mythology, serial killer shenanigans, and the kind of romantic longing that almost manifests as physical pain.

The Only Savior We Know is forthcoming from Siren's Call and centers around the White River Monster, wronged women, and the procurement of justice.

Post-Apocalyptic Love Story was published in Space and Time #143 It is a strange poem about two humans who explore the romantic feelings they've long had for one another in the hellscape of a broken world...when they aren't slicing bits off one another for sustenance.

Here's to a brighter second half of 2023 and more happy publishing news! Stay weird!

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