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No Quarter is out TODAY!

No Quarter is out today as an ebook on Amazon and Ingram. You can also get a print edition via Amazon! If you're not comfortable with either option, I'm also happy to ship directly to any US-based address.

Synopsis: Amelia planted because planting is what the women in her family do, their secret source of power. Now, something cosmic, ancient, hungry is awakening. The mangled bodies of the men she brings her tree are no longer enough. Sometimes, only a god will do.

Early readers are loving it! Here's what some of them have had to say:

"Your poetry is exquisite. Your work has so many powerful, moving lines throughout, and the poems are strong both individually and collectively."

"This is truly phenomenal writing, to be honest. I loved all of them. The flow of each piece is natural and smooth. Definitely some of the best poetry I have read in quite sometime"

"Very interesting and ephemeral poetry."

"I love, love, love Hall of Echoes. It was intense - nearly made me cry."

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