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The Work in Process-I'm so WIPed

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

It’s snowing out, so I know it’s a Thursday (seriously, the major winter storms have, without fail, chosen this day to blow in.) There is a kind of stillness to the landscape, and I’d probably find it sort of comforting if I didn’t suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. The weaker sunlight in the winter months wreaks havoc on my mood.

Like a lizard basking in the glow of the sun, I spent a luxurious hour in front of my vitamin D lamp this morning. I got the Wordle in 4, finished a crossword, and then proceeded to get some writing done.

I’d tell you a bit about the work in process, but the truth is- I’m not sure. I’m in that stage of writing where it seems to alter its shape each time it’s observed. It is indefinite…amorphous. But it is also becoming, and that’s a great fucking feeling.

What I can say is that there might be corpses and ghosts and persistent memories. Perhaps a little political overreach for good measure.


You want to read a few lines because that sounds like your cup of tea/coffee/insert drink of choice here?

I’ll think about it.


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