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Missouri Libraries are in Peril

Writing is hard and sporadic right now, but it's coming! I received a very kind rejection from

Hungry Shadow Press recently, one that ended with the editor saying that he hoped to see more of my work in the future. That rejected story is being expanded into a novella, so keep a lookout! It'll be dark and tragic, difficult, but ultimately rewarding. Think Squid Game meets Seven meets Handmaid's Tale.

Also, if you haven't read the first post in my column Liminal Waystation, make your way over to Space and Time and do that now!

And now, onto the real thing I want to talk about, the elephant in the room.

The State of Missouri has passed legislation that severely impacts libraries' ability to serve their patrons well and ties adherence to funding, which will affect smaller, rural libraries disproportionately. I made a video detailing the changes and NPR also released an informative article that you can read here.

Whether you are a Missourian or not, I ask that you make your voice heard. Contact your representatives, fight censorship where you see it, and involve yourself in what's going on...even if it isn't in your backyard. We all have to fight these threats to free thought together. It is the only REAL way to secure the future that we all want for ourselves and for our children.

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