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Exquisite Corpse

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

No - an exquisite corpse is not an especially beautiful cadaver. It's a poem created line by line, poet by poet; the most colossally awesome of colabs!

Some fellow ladies of horror and their many supporters helped me create one recently for the Ladies of Horror takeover.

A deep and profound thanks to my fellow contributors:

Eden Irene, Terri Lynne Hudson, Pam Stuard, Tasha Schiedel, Stefanie Duncan, Leanne Olson, and Amanda Symes.

So without further ado - ENJOY OUR MASTERPIECE

In Bloom

As the blood pooled around her, she thought of tulips

Red petals in the snow

the dark and ominous clouds looming above her

It seeped out of every pore

Cradled in a lake of crimson petals

Craving their sumptuous lemony smell over the rot of pennies

Threatening to cleanse her of the pain

And soaked into the roots of the Tulips and they blossomed big and bright

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