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Seeking beta readers!

Do you:

  • Love reading new stuff?

  • Swoon at the idea that *your contributions* might make something better?

  • Have something you're ready for others to read?

You just might be beta reader keep reading!

What a beta reader does

Chances are you've heard of a beta tester. Manufacturers have to make sure the products they introduce to the marketplace are useful and exciting and packed with all the features consumers want. Video games are often released in beta too, meaning the experience is still being fine-tuned. Improvements can only be made if people play.

Writers do the same thing. We like to put the things we write in the hands of members of the audience we're hoping will buy what we produce! There are always kinks to work out.

Beta readers typically provide insight about things like pacing, characterization, structure, and intensity. As they read, they pay attention to how they respond to the story and its elements.

What a beta reader typically DOESN'T DO

Beta readers are typically not line editors. They do not offer grammatical corrections. There may however be space for addressing grammatical errors if they make it difficult to read and often pull the reader out of the story.

Now that you've got the essentials, why not give it a test run today?

Just fill out the form and you'll be matched with someone who's interested in reading what you write! If you are sharing work with a beta reader, you can also download a list of recommended questions to have them answer.

A few ground rules

  • By participating you agree to provide constructive criticism. Cyberbullying, hate speech, and "destructive" rather than "constructive" feedback will not be tolerated. If it happens to you, you are encouraged to reach out with details of the exchange.

  • All participants agree to open themselves up to critique by participating in this exchange. It can be hard to be vulnerable, but it is the only way we grow! That being said, any criticisms should be directed at the WORK and NOT THE PERSON.

  • It is the responsibility of all parties to safeguard intellectual property. Works should be shared only with the beta reader(s). While there will not be a requirement to fill out a non-disclosure agreement, anyone sharing their intellectual property may opt to require that one be completed prior to sharing. This decision will be left to the parties involved.

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